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Is Technology the Answer to Dairy’s Sustainability Triple Threats?

Published In: Dairy Herd Management

As commentators are fond of pointing out from a sustainability perspective the most productive farms, the most productive cows, are also those that are the most sustainable with the lowest carbon footprint. As they say if all cows in the world performed at same standard as the average US cow would reduce the global carbon footprint by 90%. Despite this it is an irony that the most sustainable cows are still those that seek the most improvement and those producers are typically those embracing technology to make this happen.

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5 Top Smart Dairy Startups Impacting Agriculture

Our Innovation Analysts recently looked into emerging technologies and up-and-coming startups working on solutions for the agriculture industry. As there is a large number of startups working on a wide variety of solutions, we decided to share our insights with you. This time, we are taking a look at 5 promising Smart Dairy Startups.

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Robotics Business Review Announces 2022 RBR50 Robotics Innovation Award Honorees

Published In: Robotics Business Review

Business-to-business publisher WTWH Media announced the winners of the 2022 RBR50 Robotics Innovation Awards (RBR50). Produced by Robotics Business Review for the past decade, the annual RBR50 list celebrates forward-thinking organizations and their original, impactful creations. Recognized throughout the world, the RBR50 awards are also a critical measure of robotics sector growth.

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Pharm Robotics Develops Automated Robotic Health Center for Dairy Farms

Published In: Verdict

California’s dairy tech startup Pharm Robotics has developed an automated robotic health center for dairy farms called Sureshot that can help farmers with the inoculation process for dairy and beef cows. The automated system can record various information including the time of administration of the pharmaceuticals to the cow, the type of medication, the amount of the medication, and how much the cow weighs then.

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Robot for Administering Needle-Free Vaccinations

Published In: Veeteelt

Synopsis: During an agricultural fair in California, America, a robot was shown for the first time that can vaccinate cows without needles.

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New Robotic Farm Hand Inoculates Dairy Cows

Published In: The Robot Report

The Robot Report attended the 2022 World Ag Expo in Tulare, California. The annual event is affectionately known locally as the “Farm Show,” and offers agriculture-related vendors the opportunity to demonstrate their solutions to prospective buyers. The event is so popular that the local schools in Tulare, Calif. close down on Wednesday during the show so parents can bring the next generation of farmers to the show to see all of the farm equipment.
We had the opportunity to see a demo of a new dairy cow inoculation solution that leverages a Fanuc industrial robot and needle-less injector.
Pharm Robotics founder and CEO Marinus Dijkstra talked to us about the solution, his experience as a dairyman and his vision of the company’s future. The company was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in San Jacinto, Calif.

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Published In: YouTube

The SaskDutch Kid interviews Alexander Chuck, Co-Founder & CFO of Pharm Robotics, at the 2022 World Ag Expo in Tulare at 15:50. The show was Sureshot's first public debut.

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Tech for Cows Heads into 2022 with Momentum

Published In: Progressive Dairy

U.S.-based Pharm Robotics recently posted a video on its LinkedIn page to show it now has a proof of concept for the idea its founders have been pitching for more than a year. (The company closed a crowd-funding round in 2021.)

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Shot Delivering Robot Nearly a Reality

Published In: The Cow Tech Report

The dairy start-up that emerged during the pandemic last year now has a prototype to show the world. Pharm Robotics recently posted a video of a sample robot arm working inside of its concept cattle handling chute. The company aims to create a robotic arm and handling chute to automate the delivery of pharmaceuticals, vaccines and reproductive shots to dairy cows.

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Employer Spotlight: Pharm Robotics

Pharm Robotics’ system, Sureshot, will be first-to-market in the dairy industry
with the intention to expand into other bovine and farm animals. The company is
currently running an equity crowdfunding campaign for this round of financing and is looking for investments in order to complete their prototype.

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Robotic Shot Injection System Under Development For Dairy

Published In: Bovine Veterinarian

If you’re interested in helping dairy clients improve the accuracy and efficiency of their vaccination program and record keeping, you may want to check out an up-and-coming robotic injection system called SureShot. Currently under development by Pharm Robotics, San Jacinto, Calif., the system is being designed to automate the shot delivery and data management process, according to Marinus Dijkstra, CEO, and Alexander (Alika) Chuck, CFO, company co-founders.

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Tech Start-ups Ready to Solve Major Issues in Dairy

Published In: Dairy Business

While the global dairy industry would normally be meeting in Madison, Wisconsin this week for World Dairy Expo (WDE), dairy farmers and dairy professionals gathered online instead. On October 1st, the first Global Dairy Tech Start-up Spotlight informed dairy farmers and the dairy industry about the latest dairy technologies during ten short presentations from exciting and promising dairy tech start-ups...

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Dairy tech: Key for Successful and Profitable Farming

Published In: Daily Global

Owners of large dairy operations will become Chief Information Officers (CIOs) in the near future, says dairy tech expert Jeffrey Bewley. He also thinks that “technology can help farmers in many aspects on the farm and the farmers who can capitalise on the value of the data will have a competitive advantage in the future...”

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Dairy Technology: Not a Gadget, but Vital for Successful and Profitable Dairy Farming

Published In: Hoard's Dairyman

Owners of large dairy operations will become CIO’s (Chief Information Officers) in the near future. This is according to dairy tech expert Jeffrey Bewley. He also thinks that “technology can help farmers in many aspects on the farm and the farmers who can capitalize on the value of the data will have a competitive advantage in the future”...

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Join in the Spotlight of New Dairy Technology

Published In: Progressive Dairy

The Global Dairy Tech Start-up Spotlight is a new dairy technology forum to be held Oct. 1, 2020. The 90-minute virtual meeting will feature 10 rapid-fire, five-minute pitches from up-and-coming technology companies. The new event is pay-to-play. According to the event announcement, it is “funded by the start-ups themselves...”

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Pharm Robotics Collaborates with Siemens

Pharm Robotics has recently announced its partnership with Siemens and is creating a robotic injection system to automate the shot delivery system for dairy farmers. The system, Sureshot, will not only mitigate labour challenges and stresses for dairy farmers but also improve the quality of life and health of cows. As a result of implementing the system, dairy farmers can expect a decrease in labour costs and an increase in herd profitability. Siemens will play an integral role in helping to develop Sureshot, bring Pharm Robotics’ product to market, and help market the product to dairy farmers globally...

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Ten Innovators Take the Digital Stage to Transform the Livestock Industry

How are animal health, nutrition and precision farming emerging from the current crisis and how can we create a more connected future for the livestock industry? To answer these questions, a powerhouse of ten high-flying international animal agtech start-ups will pitch their innovative technologies at the virtual Animal AgTech Innovation Summit on September 14.

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Dairy Health Automation

Published In: AgInfo.net

Modern medicine has helped to ensure dairy cows stay healthier than ever. However, this requires significant labor to make sure each individual cow gets the right treatment at the right time. San Jacinto-based Pharm Robotics thinks that new technology can automate regular injections to dairy and beef cattle. Here’s Co-Founder and CFO Alika Chuck.

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AgGrad Announces its 30 Under 30 Class for 2020

Published In: AgDaily

Today on National Ag Day, AgGrad announced winners of this year’s AgGrad 30 Under 30 Awards, a program that shows the future of agriculture is bright and aims at rewarding those making the extra effort to move this industry forward.

Eighteen judges, including AGDAILY Managing Editor Ryan Tipps, were asked to select winners from peer and self nominations based on contributions to agriculture, community, strength of innovation and significance of accomplishments. Winners will be featured on AgGrad’s social media channels and in a special print and online publication.

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Alexander Chuck and Marinus Dijkstra for Robotics In The Dairy Industry

Published In: Tehrani & Velez

In this episode of The Tipping Point, we interview the co-founders of Pharm Robotics, Alexander Chuck and Marinus Dijkstra. The mission of Pharm Robotics is to increase animal health standards through the use of automation and machine learning.

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DFA Announces Sponsorship for Sprint Accelerator

Published In: Dairy Business

Dairy Farmers of America (DFA), a global dairy foods company owned by family farmers, recently announced plans to continue partnering with the Sprint Accelerator through 2019. The Accelerator, located in the Crossroads Arts District of Kansas City, is an innovative, 90-day program that helps accelerate and grow startup businesses. For the 2019 program, DFA will again sponsor both the ag tech and dairy food product segments.

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Pharm Robotics: Introducing Sureshot

Published In: Sprint Accelerator

The use of robotic technology is on the rise in all industries including agriculture. And robotics has made its way into our 2018 Corporate Accelerator Program! This week we are highlighting Pharm Robotics and their high-tech solution to a real problem on dairy farms.

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Check Out 8 Elevator Pitches from This Year’s Sprint Accelerator Companies

Published In: Startland News

With a cohort of companies ranging from artificial intelligence to organic ice cream sandwiches, Sprint Accelerator demonstrates its strength by creating an environment where founders and their teams can learn and develop alongside disparate forms of innovation, Doug Dresslaer said.

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Sprint Accelerator Announces 9 Companies Joining Latest Cohort

Published In: Missouri Business Alert

Nine startups from the technology, agriculture and food-product sectors will participate in the Sprint Accelerator’s 2018 program, the Kansas City-based accelerator announced Monday.

The 90-day program uses corporate partners to provide “mentorship, connections and resources” to selected startups, according to its website. The chosen startups were identified through the business needs of corporate partners, who in turn provide goal planning and mentorship throughout the program.

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DFA and Sprint Announce Startups Selected for 2018 Accelerator Program

Published In: Dairy Herd Management

Dairy Farmers of America (DFA), a national cooperative owned by family farmers, and Sprint announced the companies selected for the 2018 Accelerator program, which includes startups focused on ag tech and dairy food products. For the 2018 program, DFA also will be joined by CoBank, a cooperative bank serving vital industries across rural America, as a supporting partner.

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