Advantages of Sureshot

Save More. Make More.

Economic Benefits for Dairy Farmers

With the rising cost of labor, shortage of workers, and competitive food market in place, Sureshot will provide dairy farmers with significant labor savings; increase yields on a per cow per year basis; and allow for employees to focus more on other important areas. By obtaining a high compliance rate with our system, dairy farmers can expect to see large revenue increases in a short amount of time from the significant improvement in pregnancy rates and immunization due to more timely, efficient, and accurate inoculations. Most farmers will recoup their cost on our system within 1-3 years depending on the size of their operation and how many employees are currently utilized to manually deliver inoculations.

Additional Benefits Include:

  • An overall more efficient and healthier herd
  • Higher quality milk production
  • Reduced sick and cull cows
  • Reduced time spent locked up in stanchions resulting in less stress
  • Reduced DIM for your herd
  • Extends cows' lifespan
  • Less human interaction causing cows lower stress and higher conception rates
  • Reduced number of shots needed to get a cow pregnant
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