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The Origins of Pharm Robotics

Marinus Dijkstra and Alexander Chuck are the founders of Pharm Robotics, an AgTech company based out of San Jacinto, CA. The origins of the company all began in the summer of 2017. At the time, Marinus was a dairy farmer overseeing multiple operations within the agriculture industry as well as serving as a mentor to Alexander. Alexander was an undergraduate student and manager for Marinus' compost operation. One day, Marinus approached Alexander with the idea of creating a sustainable economic future for dairy farmers by automating the shot delivering process carried out by thousands of dairy farmers around the world. Marinus and Alexander decided to accept this new challenge and created a patent for the invention entitled, "The Robotic Injection System for Domestic Herd Animals."

After the idea became intellectual property, the two decided to create an organized entity and participate in an accelerator program sponsored by Dairy Farmers of America. During the accelerator program, Marinus and Alexander learned through many industry experts on how to tackle the market they were about to enter. Along the way, Marinus and Alexander invited Jason Swart, Joe Trujillo, and Chris van den Berg to join the Pharm Robotics team. After the accelerator program ended, the five individuals had an arsenal of knowledge to build a strategic business model and are currently fundraising to build the prototype for our primary product, Sureshot.

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